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This week we are pleased to introduce Hannah Harden, (featured in our Adalene Floral Romper) she is a lifestyle blogger living in Napa, CA. As she would put it in short, puppies, shoes and wine have her heart! She's adorable, trendy and always posting great reads on her blog. Below is a personal write by her- we know you'll find her as intriguing and motivating as we do! 
"The creation of Vogue in Vines came out of the need to share my recommendations for friends and family for Napa. Since Napa is a big destination location, I was constantly getting asked where to eat, drink and shop in the valley; and on top of the questions about Napa specifically, I’d get asked where I found a certain dress I was wearing, or what kind of curling iron I used. So I combined these two topics in one place and Vogue in Vines was born!
The goal of my blog is to share some insights into the unique lifestyle of living in Napa. Since it’s wine country through and through, there is limited shopping  in the valley. I try to not only share my favorite online retailers (because online shopping is a MUST in Napa), but also my favorite local boutiques you can only find here. 
One goal of Vogue in Vines is to shift from a fashion blog to more of a lifestyle blog; since my lifestyle is very active and multi-faceted, I would like to share more of my insights on travel, outdoor adventures (we’re planning a few road trips in our ’82 VW vanagon) and entertaining at home. One obstacle I’ve faced with this blog is simply decided which direction to move it in; with endless possibilities, it’s easy to try to do a little bit of everything and not focus in on your niche.
While creating your own blog or business may be overwhelming or challenging at times, I would encourage everyone to find the piece of that business that you’re passionate about (and brought you to jump in in the first place) and keep that at the forefront of your mind. Perseverance seems to be one of the biggest keys to success, so I would suggest to keep evolving, changing when necessary, and simply keep going."
-Hannah Harden, @vogueinvines


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