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We met Elizabeth Boaz for the first time at our Launch Party on March 30th, and this girl is the most talented, kind hearted, mature, and AMAZING young woman we have ever met in our lives. She is one of those people that brighten your day just through a smile, and inspires you to be the best person you can be...and seriously, she's only 17 YEARS OLD!!! We know she's going to blow your mind, as she has ours! Here she is, featured in our Dee Floral Blouse!

"Hi everyone! My name is Elizabeth Boaz and I am a 17 year old singer/songwriter from Petaluma, California. I’ve been performing for five years and singing for my entire life, but it wasn’t until recently that I discovered the true purpose of my music: during my last year of high school, I realized that if I didn’t use my voice to create change and leave an impact in the lives of others, why sing at all?


Both my parents are musicians and raised my two younger sisters and I in a house of harmony and song, and naturally, I grew up wanting to be just like my adored parents. They inspired me to begin my musical adventure, and so I began to write songs and chase after my voice because it made me happy: it felt good to sing for audience after audience that showered me with applause and respect. However, as I grew older and reflected on all the joy I had been given through music by my parents, my voice coach, my guitar teacher, and my friends, I realized that it was time to share that sense of pure bliss I felt when singing — it was time to put myself aside for a moment and use my music to encourage and exhilarate others. And I found — as many do — that as soon as I did this, I also felt fulfilled: and suddenly, I was stuck in a wonderful cycle…  the more I reached out to others in hopes of inspiring them, the more inspired I felt to continue making music and writing songs.

So, if you were to ask me a year ago for my most valued advice, I would tell you to do what you love no matter what others say — which is something I was fortunate enough to be told from a very young age; however, if you were to ask me now, I would say do what you love, and make sure that you are creating a difference in the world as you do it.

Thanks for reading my story! You can find more on my website at, my Instagram and Facebook!"

- Elizabeth Boaz, @elizabethboazmusic


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