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We couldn't relate more to this story from blogger Emily Lewandowski! She quit her day job, to pursue her dream job, and is now "always in pursuit of pretty things"- you can do it ladies, it's possible, follow your dreams and do what makes you happy! She looks flawless in our ever so popular Adalene Floral Romper, and we love how she captured every little detail and angle of it! Now, enjoy this read, it truly is encouraging!
"Hello darlings! My name is Emily and I run the fashion and lifestyle blog Some Pretty Thing. I’m a Northern girl (Connecticut) living in a Southern town (Greenville, SC) and find myself falling more in love with the charm and culture of my pretty city every day. I have a background in marketing and communication and up until the beginning of February 2017 I was working at an advertising agency as a content marketer.


For the last year, as I was starting up my blog, I felt unsettled and unsatisfied at my job and knew I had to make a change, I was just waiting for the right timing and the right opportunities to come along. My blog was slowly starting to become my passion and so I started searching out non-traditional job opportunities that would allow me to pour more time into Some Pretty Thing and would still allow me to grow my content marketing skill set. Freelancing was the first option and as my restlessness grew I realized it was not only an option but also a very real possibility.


Since leaving my traditional 8-5 job, I have never looked back! It was a pretty big leap to leave the comforts a steady paycheck provides but never once have I thought it was the wrong decision to start my own business!


I would encourage those of you who are in the situation I was in just a few weeks ago to start pursuing your options and figure out what you’re truly passionate about. For me, having the freedom and flexibility to pursue what I love and chase down some of my big life goals is worth so much more than a guaranteed paycheck. Life is so short and there are so many amazing things to discover and explore and attempt. Take that leap of faith. Spend more time with your family – believe me, you’ll wish you had more of it one day. Find the unique jobs that excite you. Cash in on the adventure life can offer and live it to the fullest. If you don’t do it now you’ll look back a year from now and wish you would have started today!


     Thanks for reading my 2 Weeks Notice story! I’d love for you all to stop by my blog and say hello."

 ~ Emily ~

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