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Happy Wednesday 2weekers! It's been a while, but we are back and better than ever! Today on the blog you get to meet Anna Moos- I have to tell you, her story is absolutely riveting! So beautifully written, and full of meaning and heart. I found my-self relating to almost every word, and I know that many, many women out there will too. Please take in what she speaks- it's so pure and true! She is featured here wearing our Million Reasons Floral Dress from Honey Punch- STUNNING.
"I like to think of it this way: our lives are a never-ending trail in the woods. As you walk the trail, you consistently meet a fork in the road. When meeting this split in the trail, there will always be two types of choices to make: you can take the safe way, or you can travel the dangerous path. The safe way guarantees that you will be alright, that you’ll survive. But the dangerous way will fill your life with adventure and will require you to always be brave. My story is filled with forks in the road, where I have had to choose whether to be safe or to have courage. 
I have always been an artist. Even when I didn’t know what an artist was, I couldn’t help myself but to operate like one. I’ve always loved to paint, to draw, to write, and to express myself through what I wear. When I was a little girl, I used to have four large boxes stuffed with clothes we called “dress-ups”. These Dress-ups consisted of all sorts of old bridesmaid dresses, costumes, jewelry from my Nana, shoes that my mom didn’t want anymore, leotards, you name it. My sisters and I would parade around the house and put on plays in those clothes, mixing and matching and pretending we were queens. Sometimes I’d put on a dress and go paint outside on the deck on my easel. I would make my own paper dolls and draw all the prettiest clothes with little white tabs on the sides for them to wear.  As I grew older, my fascination for creativity grew bigger. I started writing stories, drawing portraits, taking pictures, saving to buy that pretty sparkle dress for a school dance. The possibilities were endless to where my creativity could transport me, and I was letting my curiosity take me to new places. But when I was in high school, something started to change.
I don’t know how or when it started. But slowly, like the darkness of night, it crept into my head. The disease of self-doubt had found its prey. I started to question my instincts, I was much more aware of my flaws, and I wondered if the people around me approved of my art. This disease started to fester, and soon it had turned into comparison, pride, and insecurity. I listened when people told me I wasn’t good enough. I stopped thinking of myself as an artist when I saw the works of the people around me. I mean, how could my work or my ideas ever compare to the likes of theirs? I had become sick with self-doubt. And the worst part was, I allowed my disease to infect the women I called friends. I didn’t necessarily mean to let it affect them, but disease tends to be viral, even when you try to prevent it it’s inevitable that others will reap it’s consequences. So I watched as my friends treated themselves like they weren’t worth much, by speaking ill of their own bodies or not pursuing their talents because of fear. 
As I left high school, I had grown heavy with the weight of the disease, and I wanted it gone. I had reached one of those forks in the road… and it was time to make a decision. Do I keep on living this way, safe in the confines of my disease, or do I speak up about it and fight the disease with whatever strength I had left? I know it sounds intense talking about self-doubt like it’s a disease, because to be honest it feels really safe when you're not fighting against it. But I knew there had to be more to life than living this way, with such low standards for myself and the women around me. So I decided to fight, and I fought HARD. Ladies, let me tell you. It is really hard to believe in yourself. Like building a new habit, it takes a lot of time and it goes against what you are used to. But making that decision changed everything I knew. I started noticing beautiful things about myself that I had forgotten, the little quirks that set me apart from everyone else. I started looking at myself differently when I looked in the mirror, and spoke life and grace into the areas I was insecure of. All of a sudden I saw more opportunities to take risks, and it was so exciting! I was fighting free, and I wanted to try everything: photography, speaking, poetry, wheel throwing, wearing colorful dresses, graphic design. And after a long time of building the habit of confidence, I had become whole again. 
I started my fashion blog because I believe I have a voice that needs to be heard and a perspective that may just be the inspiration someone would need to make the same decision I did. I have such deep-rooted passion to love the people around me and aid women specifically in becoming daring with their lives. I want to speak up against the disease of self-doubt and put to death the pain of what other people say. I want to help women find the freedom to express themselves for exactly who they are, without setting a standard they have to meet. Because of our feminine nature, we are built to be nurturing and deep feelers of joy and peace. My hope is that my dream of being an artist, whether it takes the shape of writer, fashion fanatic or painter, will inspire the women around me to choose the path that will cause you to be BRAVE. Choosing the safe path will always make you good, but choosing the risky path will never fail to make you GREAT. I want to live a life full of greatness and to become the best person I can be. I’m not interested in living a comfortable and average life, where everyone approves of me, I get all of the things I want and I always can see around the bend. It’s not always easy, but I want to thrive from a place of courage and search for as long as I live for the wonder that life holds."
- Anna Moos
Instagram- @helloannamoos


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